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Colorado Springs Gutter Ice Dam Prevention Services

With the snowy winters that we have in Colorado, ice dams are common. Do not attempt to repair an ice dam yourself. Call a professional to check your home for any damage made from ice dams. 
The Danger of Ice Dams in your gutters, can result in leaks that produce possible damage to your roof structure, foundation, mold in your insulation or damaged ceilings and walls.

An Ice Dam is a build-up of ice that traps liquid precipitation between the ice dam and a pile of snow. In this event, liquid precipitation is not able to drain off the roof. Because of the build-up, water leaks into walls and ceilings. This will allow for hazardous mold and mold spores to grow in your walls and ceilings. Due to the inclement weather of Colorado Springs, ice dams are very common and one should not attempt to fix one themselves. Call us, here at Gutters Inc. so we can repair your gutters properly without compromising your safety.

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