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A gutter guard prevents gutter clogs by preventing twigs, leaves, and other debris from clogging. This type of guard comes in brush, micro-mesh, reverse curve, screen, and foam varieties, and reduces maintenance and repair costs.

Gutter Guards Play a Vital Role

Your gutters are essential and you are already aware of the need to protect them from damage. If your gutters become clogged with pebbles, leaves, twigs, and other debris, water cannot effectively flow from your roof to the ground drain. This results in water spilling down the walls, causing foundation damage, basement flooding, and structural problems.

Gutter Guards Can Save Time and Money

Properly installed gutter guards can reduce the recurring stress of removing debris and cleaning your gutters. While gutter guards do not eliminate maintenance, they save you a lot of time. Gutter cleaning can be an expensive affair if you hire professional cleaners. However, having gutter guards installed can reduce these costs.

Gutter Guards Prolong Your Gutter’s Life

A gutter filled with moisture-laden debris may cause your metal structures to rust prematurely.  A gutter guard will significantly reduce the amount of water that can build up in your gutters, allowing water to flow where it should instead of damaging your roof or foundation. With less wear on the gutters, you can expect them to last longer.

Rainwater Tanks Can Be Filled Faster With Gutter Guards

Debris must be kept out of gutters in order to maximize water flow. When it rains, gutter guards help your rainwater tanks fill faster. As a result, the water is likely to be cleaner and uncontaminated.

Gutter Guards Help Prevent Freezing of Gutters

During cold weather, ice dams form when water trapped in a gutter freezes. They can cause serious clogs and cracks in gutters. Contact any gutter replacement Colorado Springs company for the proper installation of gutter guards that prevent debris from becoming trapped and causing pools of stagnant water.

Gutters Guards Prevent Pest Infestations

Birds, squirrels, and tons of insects of all kinds would like your gutters as a safe haven. Birds and rodents are prevented from renting your roof space, reducing the amount of stagnant water that can cause cockroaches and mosquitoes to breed.

The Bottom Line

If properly installed, gutter guards can be a useful tool, but they are not worry-free. You can cut back on yearly upkeep, cleaning, and maintenance thanks to these gutter solutions.
A potential downside of gutter guards is that they don’t prevent pine needles, seeds, and other small debris from getting into the gutter. With a steep roof, gutter guards may not be effective as the water is more likely to overshoot the guards.



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