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What Are Gutter Guards?

​According to Labor Panes, they are also known as gutter screens, covers, or helmets. Their placing is over the tops of your gutters to prevent debris from entering the gutters. They also allow rainwater to drain away from your house. Types of gutter guards include metal screens, micro-mesh, reverse curve and slit guards, and sponge guards.
Advantages of having gutter guards include:

  • They reduce the need for maintenance of gutters
  • They reduce the chances of damage to your home by rainwater
  • They are safer to clean
  • They increase the value of your home

​Why Is Cleaning Them Necessary?

​Gutter guards do not guarantee you will never clean your gutters again. However, they reduce the frequency of cleaning them. They also lower the risk of damage to your home because of clogged drains and sitting water.
Even with gutter rails and guards, your gutter can still get dirty. Leaves, mud, and other heavy muck can clog them. Too much clogging can lead to their bending or, in other cases, complete detachment from your house.
Gutter replacement Colorado Springs can come in hand if your gutters are beyond repair Even with proper installation, it’s important to clean both the channels and their guards at least twice every year. Especially in a two-story home, cleaning the gutters is not easy.
Gutters reduce the amount of crud and debris that gets into the channels. Gutters also catch roof runoff, twigs, and other outdoor grime. They protect your home by directing rainwater away from your house.
However, they cannot keep out smaller debris such as insects, seeds, and smaller pieces of dirt. The method to clear the gutter depends on your home’s gutter guard system. This is according to Mr. Handy Man.
Brush and foam guards also get dirty over time. Leaves and debris do not automatically bounce off and fall to the ground for brush guards. Most of them get caught in the brush, eventually clogging it.
General and frequent cleaning is therefore necessary once in a while. Sectional cleaning of the foam guards is essential because they also collect debris along the edges. Mesh guards are the easiest to clean and put back in position.
Gutter guards are more challenging to clean because they have stronger secure locks, making it harder to lift and lean below them. Though they are the most durable guards, you should leave their cleaning to professionals, reducing the risk of breaking their covers.

​Easy steps for cleaning gutter guards

​Only attempt gutter cleaning if you have adequate experience cleaning gutters and you are comfortable working with heights. Angi advises that if your home has more than one story, consider hiring professionals to do the job.

Here are easy steps if you want to give it a go:

  • Get an assistant who will secure the ladder you use for access to the gutter
  • Remove the gutter guards using a screwdriver
  • Scoop out all loose debris
  • Dislodge all cloggy and sticky materials
  • Rinse the gutters and downspouts
  • Inspect to make sure there is nothing left and replace them


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