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When it’s time for spring cleaning, your home’s gutter system should receive a spring-cleaning treatment since they play an important role in your home by directing rainwater away from the foundation and preventing moisture damage. Cleaning out your gutters during this time helps remove any debris and buildup that can cause issues, as well as identify if there are any holes or leaks in the gutter system. Routine maintenance can help prolong the life of your gutter system and help avoid costly repairs in the long run. Here are five common spring gutter issues you may have and how to fix them.

1. Gutter Clogs

Gutters should be cleaned out on a routine basis or more often depending upon how much debris there has been in previous seasons. This will help avoid any clogs and backups that might occur with heavy spring rains which can collect debris such as twigs, pine needles, and lots of leaves. The solution for this is routine gutter cleaning. If the debris in the gutters is dry you can use a leaf blower or outdoor vacuum to blow out and clean the clogged area, if there is wet debris, use gloves to clean out all the debris from your gutters. For a better solution and if you want to prevent clogs, you can call a professional gutter company to install gutter guards

2. Gutter damage

During the winter months, the additional weight of snow and ice on the fascia can cause your gutter system to separate and become cracked. So, when spring comes, they may require new screws to help reattach and secure your gutters back together.  Any small cracks can be sealed by using a waterproof caulk or sealant. If you notice that your gutters have large holes or cracks, they may be too damaged to fix and should be replaced by a professional.

3. Downspouts clogged

Clogged downspouts could be due to the drain being blocked by debris or from ice in the winter that’s not melted all the way. This issue can be fixed by feeding a garden hose through the opening and flushing out the downspout to break up anything that could cause a clog and flushing from the top to clear out any remaining debris in the downspout.

4. Bent Gutters

Many issues can cause gutters to bend, buckle, or separate. Heavy rain and winds, or overhanging trees can cause significant damage to your home’s gutter system. If any of these issues arise, minor issues such as separated or cracked gutters are an easy fix and can be repaired easily.  If the gutters are bent or crushed, they may be harder to fix, and you should call a gutter professional to replace the damaged areas.

5. Gutter issues from animals

Squirrels, birds, bugs, and rodents like to call our backyards home and can take up residence in your gutter system, causing issues.  For insects, it’s easy to simply flush out your gutters, but for other animals or nests, they may need to be gently removed and relocated. Avoid using any harsh cleaners or poisons since they may cause damage to the gutters as well as contaminate the water draining from the gutter system into your yard.

If you are experiencing any of these gutter issues or need gutter repair or replacement, call the experts at Gutters Inc. Our certified and experienced team will be more than happy to provide quality service on your



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